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              13 years of experience Professional production, R & D and sales of organic silicone adhesive
              5000 + Service cooperation cases
              10000 m2 Plant area

              Huatianqi Product

              Wide product coverage and sufficient inventory

              Enterprise Certification Trustworthy

              Huatianqi has provided glue and solutions for more than 5000 enterprises


              Huatianqi has provided glue and solutions for more than 5000 enterprises

              Special Glue for Bulb Lamp

              Led Bulb Lamp is now popular to thousands of households, its energy-saving, environmental protection... 【Details】

              HONG KONG–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge Lights, waterproof, potting tape

              Outdoor lighting is an integral part of modern architecture, and we are proud to provide waterproof ... 【Details】

              Led waterproof power supply potting sealant

              Led waterproof power supply potting sealant mainly for customers to solve the power supply products ... 【Details】

              Special adhesive and heat conducting material for automobile headlamp lighting

              Automotive Lighting, from the earliest halogen lamps to the Hernia headlamps and now the popular LED... 【Details】

              Special adhesive for household appliance products

              Induction Cooker, electric iron, rice cookers, electric water heaters and other commonly used househ... 【Details】

              Solar Panel Glue

              Hua Tian Qi has been providing products and services for solar panel manufacturers for 12 years. Sol... 【Details】

              Thermal conductive silicon chip

              The heat conducting material for router and switch chip is a precise combination of the heat conduct... 【Details】

              Heat-conducting materials for security

              Huatianqi research and development of security equipment chip thermal conductive materials, with sta... 【Details】

              Customization process

              Tailor made to provide you with the best bonding and sealing solution

              Understand customer needs
              Custom sample
              Free sample delivery
              Customer feedback
              Customization process
              Re sample
              Sign a contract

              Why do many enterprises choose Huatianqi?

              Professional adhesive silicone manufacturer

              • Experience precipitation
              • be even quality
              • Product richness
              • Cost performance
              • oughtful service

              01 Carrying wind and rain, focusing on professional achievements

              Shenzhen huatianqi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, focusing on organosilicon adhesives, electronic potting adhesives, thermal conductive silicone film thermal conductive silicone grease and other silicone products for more than ten years. The company has been rated as


              02 Carrying wind and rain, focusing on professional achievements

              Our raw materials come from the world's excellent silica gel suppliers, with high-quality raw materials to ensure the stability of our product performance; we have perfect modern precision production and testing equipment, such as thermal conductivity tester, capacitance tester, withstand voltage tester, high and low temperature constant temperature and humidity tester, halogen tester, resistance tester, shore hardness tester, etc., and introduce domestic leading RoHS The tester has established a professional R & D and technical team to ensure the high quality and reliability of the company's products.


              03 Carrying wind and rain, focusing on professional achievements

              The company's product types are: adhesive seal type adhesive, conformal type adhesive, potting type adhesive, heat conduction type adhesive, etc. The products include single-component RTV silicone rubber, two-component RTV silicone rubber, two-component addition molding silicone rubber, thermal conductive silicone grease (heat sink paste, temperature transfer oil), silicone resin, epoxy resin potting adhesive and other adhesives, which are widely used in electronic, electrical, communication, it, lighting, automobile, aviation, and other fields.


              04 Carrying wind and rain, focusing on professional achievements

              With strong technical strength, perfect production and sales management, advanced production technology, and complete testing means, the company has obtained UL and SGS certification in the United States, Switzerland, etc., which makes its products have solid quality assurance. Since its establishment, the company has taken the road of scientific management, won the trust and affirmation of customers in the industry with innovative professional technology and perfect after-sales service system, And maintain stable growth. Following the business philosophy of


              05 Carrying wind and rain, focusing on professional achievements

              Each person receives customers with gratitude, solves problems with calm and meticulous mind, bears firm and profound industry responsibility, serves customers with professional attitude, and returns customers with high-quality, safe and efficient products. We firmly believe that we can provide you with perfect, safe and efficient products and services.


              Enter huatianqi Win win hand in hand

              Professional adhesive silicone manufacturer

              Enter huatianqi Huatianqi Technology

              Is a private high-tech enterprise, specializing in the development, production and sales of organic adhesive products. The company is located in the beautiful Pengcheng - Shenzhen. The company's product types are: adhesive seal type adhesive, conformal type adhesive, potting type adhesive, heat conduction type adhesive, etc. The products include single-component RTV silicone rubber, two-component RTV silicone rubber, two-component addition molding silicone rubber, thermal conductive silicone grease (heat sink paste, temperature transfer oil), silicone resin, epoxy resin potting adhesive and other adhesives. Mainly used in electronic, electrical, communications, it, lighting, automotive, aviation and other fields. With the development of high integration and high precision of global electronic appliances and it circuits, higher requirements are put forward for the corresponding supporting chemical materials. In order to meet its requirements, our company strictly follows ISO9001 quality management system in raw material procurement, product testing, mass production, product sales and after-sales service, ensuring the stability and reliability of products.

              Corporate honorSee more+





              News and information

              Focus on Tianqi, learn more about medical and food grade glue

              Company news

              More +

              Common problem

              More +

              News and information

              Focus on Tianqi, learn more about medical and food grade glue


              Friendship Link

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